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Intellectual Property / DMCA

Intellectual Property / DMCA

Our shop welcomes all backgrounds of artists. However we do not accept material that infringes on any third party intellectual property rights.  If you feel you are the rightful owner of the design or own the intellectual property rights in question, please submit your requests by emailing (please include the following)

I (your name or company),  hereby solemnly believe that I am the rightful owner of the Intellectual property of the item shown here,  (insert the URL Link of item).

Sign: (Typing your full name implies you believe you are the owner)
Date: xx/xx/xxxx

Any additional information you might want to add (example: website, publication, scans, comments) but is not required.

Upon receipt of this claim, we will take the item in question down immediately upon reviewing the situation at hand.

Please note the following:

All designs that are submitted by users are not regulated and reviewed. Users that have registered to upload designs have agreed to the terms and policies regarding IP rights and that they are the sole owner of the IP. We automatically delete all submissions that are related to hate crimes.

We do not distribute user submitted designs in wholesale or any other sites. All user submission prints are done on a order to order basis so they are not pre-made in bulk.
All officially licensed goods that are not user submitted products will not be eligbile for any claim as they are straight from the manufacturer.