If package is lost or damaged during shipment (Some suggestions).

1). To address the issue, get in touch with the shipping carrier in charge of delivering your package. Contact them directly, supplying them with the tracking number, and explain the situation at hand. This will prompt them to launch an investigation, aiming to either locate the missing package or ascertain the cause of the damage.

2). If your package sustains damage, it’s important to file a claim promptly. Take photographs of both the damaged item and its packaging as evidence as well as details of your finding and send it too  We can relay this information to the shipping company and/or to the manufacture/supplier and they will do their own investigation and pinpoint what might have happened.

Please note when you become aware that your package is lost or damaged during shipping, it is crucial to take immediate action. Acting promptly includes maintaining timely communication with us and providing the necessary requested info. By doing so, you can help accelerate the resolution process and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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